Uses of "Religion" in 19th Century Studies Digital Exhibit

 This exhibit examines the uses of "religion" in the 19th century through materials found at the Armstrong Browning Library, in conjunction with the "Uses of 'Religion' in 19th Century Studies" international conference, March 16-19, 2016.

The navigation of this digital exhibit mirrors the physical exhibit installed at the Armstrong Browning Library, with each page corresponding to either a topic or a presenter featured at the conference. We encourage you to step through the exhibit from Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Peter Otto in order to best experience the exhibit as it was presented for visitors to the ABL.

We encourage the use of #ablrel2016 on the social media platform of your choice. For more information on the conference, please visit

This digital exhibit was created by the Digital Projects Group using materials held at the Armstrong Browning Library. To view the ABL's collections in the Baylor University Libraries Digital Collections, please visit

Many thanks to these individuals for making this exhibit possible:

Melinda Creech, Exhibition Curator
Karl Aho
Ryan Butler
Aaron Cassidy
Alicia Constant
Chris Dickinson
Lois Johnson
Valencia Johnson
Mackenzie Sarna
David Smith
Holly Spofford
DeAnn Stuart
Sarah Tharpe
Elizabeth Travers
Eric Ames, Digital Exhibit Designer


Armstrong Browning Library, Digital Projects Group, Baylor University